Star War – Rogue One New Poster Release, Trailer Coming Tomorrow

Star War - Rogue One New Poster Release, Trailer Coming Tomorrow

Looks like today brings us some unexpected Rogue One news. First up, there’s this beautiful new poster.

But along with it, comes word that there will be a new trailer for the film tomorrow. So set your clocks. For tomorrow. (Your clocks may go off at midnight; don’t @ me.)

What we’ll see in the trailer is anyone’s guess, but I’m hoping for a bit more of Alan Tudyk’s robot guy. And Mads Mikkelsen. And Darth Vader. And some Donnie Yen action. Actually, I’ll take the whole dumb movie, please.

As everyone knows, Rogue One had a little trouble and went in for extensive reshoots similar to what happened with that beloved classic, Suicide Squad. Hopefully tomorrow’s trailer helps alleviate any worries people might have for the finished film. Or confirms their worst nightmares. As long as it’s an extreme.

Swati Sharma

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