Sophie Monk hopes to be lucky in love as Channel 10’s new Bachelorette

SOPHIE Monk is pretty clear on what she doesn’t want in a guy.

With her high profile ex boyfriends including Hollywood actor Sam Worthington, musician Benji Madden and footballer Eric Grothe Junior, the unlucky in love 37-year-old will spend the coming months trying to find her perfect mate as the star of Channel Ten’s next season of The Bachelorette.

“I would love them to not want fame, just someone down to earth and sweet,” Monk told News Corp.

“Someone that really likes me for me.

“Someone that works because I don’t want to have to pay for everything.

“Someone who is not competitive. Just a man who has got a good self-esteem. I don’t really want a boyfriend that is obsessed with how he looks because I don’t care.

“And I would love funny but that is tricky.”

Monk follows in the footsteps of previous Bachelorette’s Georgia Love and Sam Frost.

The radio and television personality, who rose to fame as a member of pop group Bardot, has often spoken of her struggles to find love.

It was in fact Monk’s mum that encouraged her to reach out to producers of the hit reality TV format.

“It is probably the only way I will meet someone not in the industry, someone grounded and normal,” she explained, admitting her biggest vice would be smoking although she plans on giving up.

“I just keep meeting all these people that have quite big egos in this game.

“Guys won’t come up to me in a bar; usually the people I’d get along with are shy and wouldn’t come up to me so I don’t get to meet anyone.”

Channel Ten will soon premiere the next season of The Bachelor, starring Matty Johnson, with The Bachelorette expected to follow.

Looks-wise, Monk doesn’t have a type.

She’s more interested in personality.

Monk ideally wants a partner to support her in her career, although she concedes she’d consider giving up show business altogether for love.

She would also like to start a family and sooner rather than later.

“I definitely want a family and I want someone that wants children too. I want to have a normal life like everyone else,” she said.


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