See What “Octomom” Nadya now Natalie Suleman and Her Kids Look Like Today!

See What “Octomom” Nadya now Natalie Suleman and Her Kids Look Like Today!Seven years have passed since Nadya Suleman – who now goes by “Natalie” – made headlines as “Octomom”.

And since then, his eight children – two girls and six boys – are not the only ones who have grown!

In a new interview, the mother-of-14 not only opens in doing porn and struggling with drugs, but also says that “killed” the character “Octomom” in order to save herself and her children.

“I went down for a very dark and destructive path,” he says of his time in the spotlight. “I am fully exploited and dehumanized pornography and dispossession.

I was so desperate that we were about to become homeless, so instead of putting my children in front of the camera I decided to get out there. The consequences of the exploitation of myself was deep toxic shame and disgust.

To continue, I had to numb – and that was when I started with prescription drugs.

While Natalie undoubtedly has regrets about his life, he insists that the octuplets – and her six older children – are not something he regrets.

“I admit I made many mistakes in my life and I am imperfect. I make mistakes constantly,” he explains. “But my children were not a mistake -. They were meant to be here”

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