Robert Redford Reportedly Rescues Neglected Horse in New Zealand While Filming ‘Pete’s Dragon’

Robert Redford Reportedly Rescues Neglected Horse in New Zealand While Filming 'Pete's Dragon'

The film crew often passed the increasingly emaciated and abused gelding before Robert Redford, who starred in “Horse Whisperer” and “Butch Cassidy,” called rescue groups, news outlets reported.

On the set of his latest movie, Pete’s Dragon, Robert Redford dropped everything to come to the rescue of a neglected gelding in the wilds of New Zealand.

The rescue came at no suprise as this Hollywood actor has spent much of his career on the saddle, starring in films such as Horse Whisperer, Butch Cassidy andThe Elecric Horseman.

“There was a horse who was clearly abused, who was tied to this wooden fence that was right by the freeway,” Bryce Dallas Howard

“And we would drive back and forth to work and the horse looked emaciated and abused, and neglected – and there was no water for the horse, no hay.”

The cast and crew on location in the Redwood Forest, Rotorua, monitored the horse as they drove by several times, noticing that it remained tethered and was looking increasingly unwell, Howard, 35, said.

“Bob went and he got someone to knock on all the doors in the neighborhood and say ‘Is this your horse?'” she said at a recent publicity event for the movie in Hollywood.

“No one would claim it – they’d say ‘Yes, that horse is always out there’ – and so he coordinated with a rescue place and he himself went and rescued that horse.”

That wasn’t the only distraction holding up Redford as he was filming his part as old wood carver Mr Meacham in Disney’s remake of the classic 1977 adventure, which hits US theaters on Friday.

The 79-year-old veteran of more than 40 films got lost in the wilderness one morning when a helicopter pilot who was supposed to be delivering him on set dropped him off in the wrong place.

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