Orlando Bloom naked on vacation with Katy Perry

Orlando Bloom naked on vacation with Katy PerryThe cover photo, which also ran in The New York Daily News, was censored with an embarrassed face emoji, but Twitter users got creative by analyzing the the shadow on the actor’s thigh.

Orlando Bloom was spotted paddleboarding stark naked while on vacation in Italy with girlfriendKaty Perry on Wednesday, August 3. In a photo featured on the cover of the U.K.’s Daily Star, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, 39, kneels on a paddleboard, revealing every inch of his perfectly toned body, as Perry, 31, sits cross-legged in a cute black and yellow two-piece.

“Orlando Bloom could make world peace happen with this machine,” one Twitter user wrote, while another added: “I’ll say it. Orlando Bloom has a massive penis.”

With a majority of the internet busy drooling over Bloom’s body, others posed some legitimate questions, such as: “Why is Orlando Bloom going paddleboarding naked? Like why?”

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