OITNB Star Dascha Polanco Steps Out With No Pants at NYFW

OITNB Star Dascha Polanco Steps Out With No Pants at NYFWDaya Da-Yum! Actress Dascha Polanco turned his head Sunday at the fair Blonds Milk Studios in New York. The “Orange is the New Black” star came out in a white suit and black printed with a large coat of pink on top a figure that appears sequin of the Virgin Mary.

Polanco black heels shook confidence, flaunting her curves in the developer set.

Netflix star took Instagram to share his inspiration and embrace your body, writing, “Inspired by Selena # @ # theblondsny #nyfw Selflovery # ismellgood.”

@teyanataylor & I remaking that video… @theblondsny #nyfw

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@amandalepore #NYFW @theblondsny

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?…una experienca religiosa. #howfashiontravels #theblonds #ismellgood #hairflipbye ?

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She also posed in a clip back to the camera, showing off her jacket before removing detailed flashing some skin.

“A religious experienca. #howfashiontravels #theblonds #ismellgood #hairflipbye,” She captioned the video.

Polanco also posed with Kelly Osbourne backstage and goofed with recent star Kanye West video, Teyana Taylor.

“@teyanataylor + I to redo @theblondsny #nyfw video,” Polanco subtitled one pic.

@theblondsny #NYFW #Selena #GlamInspired #Selflovery #ismellgood

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In August, Polanco opened Vogue about her struggle to find designers to dress her.

Inspired by #Selena @theblondsny #nyfw #Selflovery #ismellgood

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“I understand it’s business, but still, it’s like, really? My friends in the industry, which are clear and honest with me say, ‘Girl, you do not have your size, and you’re not at that level yet, so you have to move either that or simply build those relationships so that later in the future perhaps happens, ‘ “he lamented the actress. “Although I’m a size 8 or 10, I can still look as great as having a size 0. This is why I meet, I’m making sure my body looks how I want it to look, so I ‘m confident enough to wear a suit transparent cat, or show skin “.

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