Norman Reedus Prank Co-Star Andrew Lincoln by Filling Car’s Vents With Glitter

Norman Reedus Prank Co-Star Andrew Lincoln by Filling Car's Vents With Glitter

“Glitter attack successful,” Norman Reedus captioned the video posted to Instagram and Facebook. When Andrew Lincoln started his vehicle, the glitter ejected from the car’s air conditioning vents, covering him.

There is no question, filming a show like The Walking Dead involves a lot of violence and gore. All of that death must take its toll on the cast and crew, not just emotionally, but physically as well. With characters being killed off of the show regularly, there is always the looming threat of having to say goodbye to some of your coworkers who you consider family. As times on set could get pretty rough, some cast and crew members undoubtedly try to keep things light and fun when they are together. By now, you have probably heard about the intense prank war that is going on between The Walking Dead stars and good friends, Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon). If not, get the low down below!

Glitter attack successful ?

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No surprise here, but Norman Reedus was reportedly the one to start the prank war on Andrew Lincoln, a war that has been going on for quite some time. If you were to keep score, Reedus seems to have the edge, at times pranking Lincoln again before he even has a chance to prank back. The highlights include Reedus putting a novelty license plate on Lincoln’s car without him realizing, filling Lincoln’s trailer with chickens, and providing Lincoln with a phrase in Japanese during a press tour that turned out to be “where is the toilet?” It hasn’t been completely one-sided: Lincoln received the help from a fan to scare Reedus during an interview with a plan for the zombie to crawl out from under a table. The surprise made Reedus shriek while everyone involved filmed it and watched from another room.

Just recently, the shenanigans have reached a new level thanks to Reedus and his creative thinking.

Just last week, Reedus gifted us all with a video on his personal Instagram with a video showing Lincoln sitting in his car getting blasted by confetti-filled air vents.

You can hear Reedus cracking up in the background while Lincoln sits there, glitter flying everywhere.

“It’s still going dude, how much did you f-cking put in here?”

Although Lincoln looks pissed, all it did was fuel the fire and give him more motivation for some revenge. And what better place to take action than at San Diego Comic-Con!

Over the weekend, some of the cast and crew of TWD got together for their panel at San Diego Comic-Con. The highly anticipated panel always features the trailer for the upcoming season and although it is awesome to hear their thoughts on the current events surrounding the show, it is also fun to hear them laugh and joke on stage.

If you watch the panel closely, you will see Lincoln pour a little bottle of glitter on top of Reedus’s hat, which goes unnoticed. Obviously, Talking Dead host and panel moderator, Chris Hardwick, brings up the glitter bomb incident, giving Lincoln a chance to explain the after-events. He hilariously explains how he went to vacuum his car on the way home, which caused him to sweat and as he got back on the car and turned on the AC, another batch of glitter flew out and stuck all over him. Lincoln claims to now carry the nicknames “Sparkles” and “Glitter Boy” and explained to the panel crowd:

“I used to be somebody in my own hometown, and when I got on the plane to go to San Diego, my two children had tears in their eyes and they said, “What did nanny Norman do?” And I said, sweethearts, he’s humiliated your father on an international scale. And they said “What can we do?” This is the end…”

Lincoln quickly turns to Reedus and blows a handful of glitter right in his face — his own version of the glitter bomb. What seemed to be meticulously planned and perfectly executed prank ultimately backfires as most of the glitter somehow shot back at Lincoln and stuck to his own beard.

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