» » Michigan Republican Party Objects to Melissa Gilbert’s Withdrawal From Congressional Race

Michigan Republican Party Objects to Melissa Gilbert’s Withdrawal From Congressional Race

Michigan Republican Party Objects to Melissa Gilbert's Withdrawal From Congressional Race

Lawyers said that Melissa Gilbert hadn’t “adequately proved that she would be physically unfit to serve in Congress,” in a letter to the state’s election director Friday. Gilbert recently had surgery.

The state Republican Party is challenging a decision by the Michigan Secretary of State’s office to let “Little House on the Prairie” actress Melissa Gilbert withdraw from a congressional race due to poor health.

In a letter to Chris Thomas, the state’s elections director, and the state Board of Canvassers, lawyers for the party said it should be up to the board — not Thomas — to determine if Gilbert can withdraw as the Democratic nominee in Michigan’s 8th Congressional District.

Thomas sent a letter to Democratic officials this week saying their choice to replace Gilbert with assistant Macomb County prosecutor Suzanna Shkreli could be certified for the November general election ballot after the results of the Aug. 2 primary are certified by the board at its meeting next Monday.

“Under Michigan’s election law,” Thomas wrote state Democratic Party Chairman Brandon Dillon on Monday, “a congressional candidate may withdraw after having won the party’s nomination by notifying the party that he or she has become physically unfit.”

But in their letter to Thomas and the board, lawyers Jason Hanselman and Gary Gordon argued that Gilbert — who withdrew from the race citing neck and back injuries suffered years ago and underwent surgery earlier this month — hadn’t “adequately proved that she would be physically unfit to serve in Congress.”

The two suggested that Thomas had acted unilaterally and called on the board to take up the issue at its Monday meeting, saying to do otherwise would be disenfranchise the will of the voters. Thomas told the Free Press on Friday that the board is free to take it up if it wishes.

Gilbert made the surprise announcement that she was dropping out of the race months ago but because the deadline had passed, she could not be removed from the Aug. 2 primary ballot. Democratic officials coalesced around Shkreli, a political newcomer, to take on U.S. Rep. Mike Bishop, R-Rochester.

Swati Sharma

Swati Sharma is an editor at “On Breaking”. She is a very enthusiastic journalist and has worked for many Esteemed Online Magazines and Celebrity Interview, thus gaining a huge experience before joining the team at On Breaking. You can mail on gmail teenbabe1@gmail.com

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  • Natasha78

    They are just disgusting, and as the good people drop like flies and want out since the email scandal broke, they are bullied big time for their own right to say no. The government will use anyone, and want to not let people even own their own lives. Shame on Michigan, put in a puppet and let her go.

    • Bill Hohnson

      Your post makes so little sense.

  • Lee Gregory

    So somehow this piece was written tomorrow. The timeline says August 23rd 2016. You go SWati….you are on top of the world……unfortunately you are the only one in it

    • skotchX

      not on top of the world, just the other side of it, where it is Aug. 23rd.

    • Charlie

      That’s not too difficult to figure out, Lee Gregory. Did you realize that it certainly is “tomorrow” in some parts of the world every single day?

      • Lee Gregory

        Wow…. thank you Charlie as we called you in SE Asia. I didn’t know there was another half of the world. I AM JUST TRYING TO FIGURE WHY WE SHOULD SHOULD GIVE A F@CK WHAT SWATI HAS TO DO WITH ANYTHING HAPPENING IN AMERICA AHOLE

    • Brian


      I think this page pretty convincingly shows that this website is not US based. The syntax looks like someone Asian wrote it.

  • Right Back At You

    “Let” her withdraw?

    I’m not sure I understand how this law can possibly work from a practical standpoint. Does the state of Michigan really think that it can force someone take political office?

    • Robert Gustin

      The repubs want no opposition at all.

  • LSKKMa

    So nice to know the Moronic politicians in Michigan are now practicing medicine without licenses. Since when can a bunch of idiot bureaucratic JACKASSES determine a person’s health, and pain threshold. This is the problem with this country’s government officials… they think they know it all when in fact they don’t know a damn thing!

    • homasapiens

      The RNC has been claiming– for years now– that they are qualified to tell women what to do with their bodies.

      • ExRadioGuy15

        I’m not a proctologist, but I know GOP assholes when I see them

      • Lee Gregory

        So a woman decides to have sex and she knows nothing about birth control….or she is too drunk to know the difference. The women has the right to kill the baby because she is too stupid A. not let it happen B. Obama care doesn’t cover birth control C. killing the baby makes more sense and is cheaper. D. Have the baby and do the world a favor and kill yourself

        • Greg Tierney

          So ,what’s your point?

        • harry

          Thanks for explaining your existence, was confused how you’re alive.

        • screamingflower

          The woman isn’t getting pregnant by herself, yet that’s who you choose to blame. You are a loser and too bad your mom made the wrong choice and didn’t abort you, Lee Gregwhorey. And I don’t see you in line adopting the babies that were put up for adoption. Really, you are too studid to be sucking up our precious oxygen, so why don’t YOU do the world a favor and kill your own sorry self.

        • J.Austin

          And what, in your small, puerile brain has any of this to do with the actual article? Are you so sex obsessed that you have to drag this into the conversation simply to get your kicks? You must be a rethuglican, and are obviously an idiot.
          Do the world a favor and crawl back under your rock.

    • Robert Teed

      Let her smoke a joint and get on with her job! LMAO

    • jayanna

      Politicians have been practicing medicine without a license for decades now, especially when it concerns a woman’s body. They know exactly what procedures should and shouldn’t be performed and what should be legal and what shouldn’t. Especially men politicians. They know all about medicine and females.

      • Bill Hohnson

        Stop it, your entire argument is specious. This is not about her health, this is about owing the IRS $360,000 and being a bum.

        People who’re so poorly informed, should refrain from commenting.

        • jayanna

          Oh please. Get off your arrogant high horse. You know as well as anyone (unless YOU’RE poorly informed, or a republican politician pretending to play doctor) that republican politicians have for YEARS denying women health care due to their delusions that they know better than medical professionals about what is right or wrong for women and their bodies. It is of no surprise that they now feel medically entitled to judge whether or not Gilbert is ill or not, having possessed no medical degrees now or ever. I have no dog in the fight – I personally don’t give a flip about Gilbert and her politics. If they object to her and her IRS debt, then go after her for that. Don’t pretend you’re capable of giving medical advice.

          • Bill Hohnson

            She was on Dancing with the Stars…. Her health is fine. She’s a bum living off of others and a weak candidate. This is why she’s withdrawn. Not paying taxes for two years is an instant fail. She was placed in Howell to run for office but apparently not properly vetted.

          • Bill Hohnson

            You probably missed the story on Facebook posted by Melissa’s first hair dresser? This story was posted by dozens of fake profiles and created the narrative that she’s dropping out due to health. Those fake accounts are called “sock puppets” and they are for hire. Facebook security deletes 600,000 of these accounts daily. Perhaps if you were a townie, and lived in the area you’d be aware of what a fraud this woman is.

          • Bill Hohnson

            Word for the day: specious. While on the surface this looks to be a story of a nice woman in poor health, its really about something else. Come to Howell and ask around…

    • Bill Hohnson

      You should probably take the time to gather and review information before calling people moronic.
      Melissa Gilbert is basically a bum. She owes the government close to a half a million in unpaid taxes and had been living in a cabin.
      You might have liked her on TV but the actual person is a jerk.


    Sounds like a classic Bait and Switch fraud to me.

    • Nell Webbish

      No it doesn’t.

  • DFW Dann

    So the party of limited government and personal responsibility wants to insert itself into the decision of an individual as to the level of pain they are suffering in order to exercise their free will in withdrawing from a campaign. Really?!?!

    • John H. Bremner

      Not ”Really”

  • mister_carajo

    Err has anyone noticed this writer’s email address?

    “Swati Sharma

    Swati Sharma is an editor at “On Breaking”. She is a very enthusiastic journalist and has worked for many Esteemed Online Magazines and Celebrity Interview, thus gaining a huge experience before joining the team at On Breaking. She is a great combo of intelligence and passion, which adheres in her write-ups done for the website. She is specialises in Headline, Business and Entertainment. You can follow her and mail on gmail teenbabe1@gmail.com

    teenbabe1 sounds real professional.

  • Damien LeGallienne

    This piece is so poorly written, I had no idea what it was about. Swati Sharma should quit her day job as a REALLY bad writer.

  • Tinyprezhands

    I made these to make fun of Trump but the more I see how the republicans are acting makes me want to include them all. Tiny hands means tiny minds. Now more than ever we need to fight Trumps hate, please help me even a single dollar helps gofund.me/TinyTrumpRallyFlag

  • Computer_Expert

    sorry to hear about Ms. Gilbert’s problems. I’d take a look at Rep. Tammi Duckworth and use her as a standard. She is presently running for US Senate.

  • llred

    ” to determine if Gilbert can withdraw as the Democratic nominee in Michigan’s 8th Congressional District.”

    She is a Democrat, so what the heck does the GOP have to do with it anyway!

    • sheriff2016

      They want to distract you from Bishop’s main completion Libertarian Jeff Wood

    • ErichVonZipper

      Not sure if I got this right, but it appears from comments that Gilbert has lots of political baggage that makes her an easy target to attack, and they don’t want the Dems to put up a tougher candidate.

  • sheriff2016

    The Republicans are scared of Libertarian Jeff Wood, so this is their attempt to distract the public. http://jeffwood4office.com/