» » Matt LeBlanc Gross Comment About Emilia Clarke at 2016 Emmys

Matt LeBlanc Gross Comment About Emilia Clarke at 2016 Emmys

Matt LeBlanc Gross Comment About Emilia Clarke at 2016 Emmys

He shot to fame as Joey Tribbiani on Friends.

And Matt LeBlanc seemed to be channeling his ditzy hunk from the ’90s hit show as he chatted with Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke at the 68th Emmy Awards on Sunday night.

The 49-year-old had a ‘how you doin” moment on live TV when he made a slightly inappropriate comment during an interview with the young, 29.

The two have a bit of a history: on the Graham Norton show in May she asked him to say ‘How you doin” to her, which he did, and she crumbled into a fit of giggles. They also took a selfie together.

E!’s Jason Kennedy and Giuliana Rancic got the duo to talk via a split screen about now famous selfie the duo took three months ago.

Kennedy asked them ‘Who was the fan?’ and Emilia was quick to respond: ‘I think I was definitely the fan.’

LeBlanc then added that he was aware of the actress as he recalled: ‘I saw the first season then fell out of touch with it and then I guess that was when she started getting naked.

He went on to say: ‘So I need to catch up.’

Emilia, who plays the flame-proof Daenerys Targaryen, Mother Of Dragons, was seen emerging from a blazing wooden chamber, naked and triumphant last season.

Causing shockwaves among her legion of loyal fans, the London-born beauty appeared to ooze body confidence as she stripped down to nothing in the HBO medieval drama.

Yet her confidence stemmed from an unlikely source on the set, as she told The Sun: ‘All I needed was vodka and some flattering lighting and I was ready.

‘It was just a wonderful, strong moment I wanted to own, a real empowering, girl-power wow scene.’

After the scene aired, the proud star appeared overjoyed that she filmed such a powerful shot, telling Entertainment Weekly: ‘This is all me, all proud, all strong. That ain’t no body double!’

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  • gray444

    Funny women never said anything about Cher or Celine Dion or Jennifer Lopez etc… Hypocrites lets face it in this day and age Mick Jagger is having a baby with a woman who wasn’t even born when Mick was Matt or Emilia’s age. Kim Kardashian has millions of followers and they are mostly women and she is nothing more than a slutty porn star. 49-29 seems tame look up the ages of half the famous people men and women are married to someone way younger. Harrison Ford was 68 and his wife was 46 that is over 20 years come on this is not news . I guarantee that if he said it about Kit Harington no one who have dared say anything hypocrites !!

  • PennsylvaniaPete

    Wow! His comment must have been really gross. They wouldn’t even print it in the article. They didn’t even paraphrase it. I can’t imagine what he said.