Jim Gaffigan Appears in Father’s Day Gift Guide Segment on ‘The Tonight Show’

Jim Gaffigan Appears in Father's Day Gift Guide Segment on 'The Tonight Show'

Jim Gaffigan, a father of five, discussed Father’s Day gift ideas like a beer helmet and candy with Jimmy Fallon. “The Jim Gaffigan Show” returns for a second season 10 p.m. EDT Sunday on TV Land.

Yes, Father’s Day is one of those made-up holidays. Then again, every holiday is a made-up holiday.

It’s not like there was Halloween and then the Big Bang happened.

I guess what people mean is that Father’s Day is not an important holiday. Maybe it’s not. Father’s Day doesn’t hold our attention like Christmas does, or 4th of July does, or even frankly Cinco De Mayo does. There seems to be no anticipation surrounding Father’s Day. No dad ever said, “I can’t wait until Father’s Day!”

I’m a dad, and I always seem a little surprised when Father’s Day shows up on my calendar in June. I always look at the third Sunday in June with a little, “Oh, that’s right! Father’s Day is coming up. That’ll be awkward. I hope my 4-year-old gives me another popsicle stick napkin holder!”

Anyway, Father’s Day is a day to honor Dads. I am the father of five energetic young children, so I should get more honor, right? Of course not. I think sometimes people assume just because I have so many children I’m some kind of expert on fatherhood.

Believe me, I’m not.

Based on that logic, because I eat a lot I should be really good at cooking, and I’m certainly not that. I barely know how to use our microwave.

Don’t get me wrong: I love being a dad, but I don’t consider myself especially good at it. I’m not a natural. I didn’t spend my twenties dreaming about changing full diapers at five in the morning, struggling with parental guilt, or existing in constant exhaustion. I don’t think anyone does.

I’ll likely spend today like any other Sunday — with my screaming children.

But Father’s Day serves as a reminder that I am grateful to be a father. And I have plenty to be grateful for. Being a Dad has changed my life. Sure, I’m fatter and balder, but being a dad has made me less self-centered and less selfish. If a baby cries you can’t think, “Nah, sleep’s more important.”

Essentially being a father has made me more human.

I guess most surprising to me, instead of hindering my career path, being a dad expanded my opportunities. I wrote a book about my experience of being a father, and developed a television show based on the chaos of my personal fatherhood experience.

This fatherhood stuff is a gold mine!

Oh, and my children are the best gift I’ve ever received.

Happy Father’s Day.

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