Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reveal Negan Will Survive The Walking Dead Finale

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reveal Negan Will Survive The Walking Dead Finale

If you were waiting for Glenn and Abraham to be avenged… you’re going to have to wait a little longer.

Negan will not be killed off in season seven of The Walking Dead.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan confirmed to Howard Stern on Tuesday: ‘I’ll be around for season eight.’

Despite being absent for the last two episodes while the storyline caught other characters up, the 50-year-old warned fans not to get comfortable.

‘The next two, I’m really big in,’ he revealed. ‘I’m f*cking heavy in those.’

‘Heavy’ sounds ominous for Rick Grimes and co, who already witnessed the Saviors leader bludgeon two of their friends to death in the brutal season six finale.

Morgan also revealed that he was actually filmed killing every single member of the who-will-it-be line-up, including Rick and his son Carl.

‘I did kill shots on the entire cast,’ he explained. ‘I think the plan was, they would leak some stuff beforehand just to throw people off because there are people whose sole purpose is to ruin the show, to spoil what’s going to happen on the show.’

Despite the very graphic nature of the scenes, he also revealed: ‘There was some stuff that we shot that didn’t even make the final cut that was much grosser.’

After his horrific introduction to the show, Negan is very much under Rick Grimes’ skin; and Morgan admitted things are just the same with method actor Andrew Lincoln off-camera.

‘He’s always got his headphones in and kind of puts himself in this place; he doesn’t want to f*ck around,’ he said.

‘I really pick on him. I think the bigger reaction I can get off camera from him, if I can get him just screaming and swearing then I know I’m doing my job,’ he chuckled.

While he also admitted he always finds it a bit weird how European actors stay in character off camera, he did concede: ‘His American accent is better than mine’.

Morgan once again defended Negan’s actions; he has previously gone on the record stating his character would be viewed as the hero protagonist had the show followed him from the start instead of Rick.

‘If you put yourself in this apocalyptic Zombie-fied world, I think anybody that’s survived this long has probably done some bad things,’ he explained,

‘They killed 30 of my men while they slept,’ quite justifiably pointed out. ‘So far, I’ve tapped a couple of guys in the head with a baseball bat and all of a sudden it’s the end of the world!’

 The actor revealed that since becoming Negan, he has caught some male fans sizing him up to see if they could take him in a fight; while female fans have reacted even more unusually.

‘It’s mostly women who I get really weird fan mail from,’ he said. ‘Like, they just want to be, I don’t know, gagged and tied up and beat on a little bit.’

Another strange fan moment for Jeffrey came when his six-year-old son Augustus came running out of their chicken coup ‘dressed full Negan’ – complete with little baseball bat – to report he’d been playing ‘eeny meeny miney’ mo with the hens (with zero fatalities or injuries, his dad confirmed relieved).

While Walking Dead fans will be left thirsty for justice, the Watchmen star did share a karma-licious story about his former manager of seven years who called him to tell him he was too old to represent at 37.

‘Literally the next day I got Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy and Weeds. They all happened at the same time,’ he laughed.

During the lengthy interview, Morgan also revealed he owns a candy store with Paul Rudd, and had only nice things to say about much-maligned Grey’s costar Katherine Heigl.

‘I know that all this sh*t’s been said but I gotta tell you … she is a great girl. Easy to work with, she was a total pro,’ he insisted.

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