James Corden and Owen Wilson Race With Usain Bolt

James Corden and Owen Wilson Race With Usain Bolt

Have you ever wondered how Usain Bolt would fare in a race against James Corden, Owen Wilson, and the entire staff of The Late Late Show? You have not.

Would you watch such a race? You probably would. Which is why Corden arranged for such a spectacle in the CBS Television City parking lot, a “historic place where people who work on The Price Is Right park their cars,” the voice-over tells us.

The nine-time Olympic gold medal winner/pride of Jamaica/holder of Fastest Man in the World title did not face anything resembling a challenge from the late-night talk show host, a false-starting Owen Wilson, and the Late Late Show staff, who included Brooke from accounting, a cigarette-smoking guitarist, and a blazer-wearing supervising producer. Or did he?

Tarun Kumar

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