Jack P Shepherd’s son was paralysed for two days

Jack P Shepherd‘s former fling and the mother of his disabled son has revealed their little boy, Greyson, six, was left unable to move or speak for two days as he battles a rare disorder. 

Sammy Milewski, 31, has previously spoken about their child’s battle with neurological condition, Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC) which causes temporary paralysis on one side of his body.

Taking to Twitter, the sales executive shared: ‘My lil ones condition is too strange Last 2days he’s not been able t move an talk, now he’s just told me he wants t be a rock star singin & dancing.’

She added: ‘From being soo poorly to just get up an say he’s better an start dancing. Couldn’t be prouder of him.’

Single mum Sammy – who had a one night stand with Jack in 2010 – also shared a sweet snap of Greyson in a leopard snapchat filter, captioned: ‘This one melts my heart.’

It is understood that Jack, 29, does not have a parental relationship with Greyson other than to pay maintenance, according to The Sun.

MailOnline have contacted Jack’s representative for comment.

Jack – who plays David Platt in Corrie – has two other children Nyla, six, and two-year-old Reuben with fiancee Lauren Shippey.

Sammy has previously revealed the daily plight of the actor’s forgotten disabled son, whose condition is so severe it has left him wanting to bite his own arm off.

Last year, Sammy shared pictures of her little boy, captioned: ‘Hate seeing my lil dude poorly,just stopped him biting an pulling his arm saying mummy arm t go. Another arm mummy. #heartbreaking #AHC’

Greyson was diagnosed with AHC at the age of two. It is a rare condition thought to be limited to just 40 people in the UK.

As part of the condition, paralysis in one or alternating sides of the body can last from minutes to days but it can also cause sudden attacks of uncontrollable muscle activity.

From a cognitive perspective, children suffering from AHC can be left with developmental delay or intellectual disability.

Although Jack has never commented on his son publicly, he is known to support children’s charity Young Epilepsy.

A DNA test confirmed that Jack was the father of Samatha’s son Greyson not long after the birth in 2011, but Jack was unaware of his son’s disability for the first two years of his life.

In an interview with The Sunday People in 2014, Sammy explained that she was using her social media account to raise awareness of the rare neurological disorder.

‘It sounds horrible but I don’t think it’s important [Jack] is aware of it,’ Sammy said. ‘Greyson and I don’t even know him. It would be like telling someone off the street.’

She added: ‘[Jack] might regret not meeting him. But only one person can answer that. I would like my son to have a father in his life but how can you feel sad for something he’s never had? I guess it’s sad in itself to say that.’

On the condition, Sammy continued: ‘It is terrifying and ­heartbreaking. I’ve seen him struggle to breathe with seven doctors round him and felt ­completely helpless. I have my down days when I just cry.’

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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