Gabourey Sidibe Share Photos After She Lose Weight

Gabby Sidibe Share Photos After She Lose Weight

Lookin’ good, girl! Gabourey Sidibe — best known for playing “Precious” in the eponymous movie — recently took to Instagram to show off her impressive weight loss!

In the “after” pic, the weight loss is especially noticeable in Gabby’s face, which appears to be thinner.

While we applaud her weight loss, one of our favorite things about 33-year-old is her eagerness to accept her body.

“My first diet started when I was six-years-old. I’ve never been a small girl,” she told Oprah Winfrey in 2009. “One day I had to sit down with myself and decide that I loved myself no matter what my body looked like and what other people thought about my body… I got tired of feeling bad all the time. I got tired of hating myself.”

We love you at any size, Gab!

Is it too early in the morning for selfies with a Mayfair filter? ??

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  • davidshaw

    As somebody who has been fat all their life and finally got thin, every aspect of my world is infinitely better now. I had “accepted myself as I was” too, and now I’m just embarrassed by that. It is INCREDIBLY HARD to accept that you’re fat and always will be, I know from experience, and it is IMPOSSIBLY HARD to actually change yourself and your life and lose that weight, but it is immeasurably worth it.

    People who “accept their fatness” and find so-called “confidence” in it are weak, lazy, and lying to themselves. They’re not happy, they just tell you they are. I know, because that was me up until 6 months ago.

    But you wont listen to me. You wont listen to anyone at all, much less if they disagree with you, because somehow people my age have learned to stuff their fingers in their ears and scream when they hear dissenting opinions. Why is everyone around my age such a fucking embarrassment? What happened to my generation? Why are so many of us so goddamn pathetic and entitled? No wonder our parents fucking hate us. You goddamn embarrassment.

    • KenyanBunnie Covet

      So you are not allowed to appreciate the body you have, dare to actually love yourself and your fat, WHILE you start your lifestyle change to getting healthier? What you want everyone who is overweight to bitterly hate themselves and only be happy when they are fit and skinnier?

      • JustMe

        Excellent point .. hating yourself while overweight, adds to the problem, because you overeat ..self-medicating with food.

    • JustMe

      Wherever you go, there you are.
      You are going to be a miserable person whether fat, or thin.
      You will be a joyous person whether fat or thin.
      Certainly not carrying the excess weight is a plus, especially for health reasons.
      I get your frustration, but we’ve all got to uplift each other .. someone else might be going through the same struggle.