First Look Revealed Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things Series 2

Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things Series 2Millie Bobby Brown has revealed the latest information about the strangest things set 2 before admitting a worrying addiction for ITV during the day, saying the Lorena clock this morning and loose women before school.

12-year-old British actor was shot in the public eye after Netflix science fiction movie oddest things became popular worldwide.

After intense series finale, actress Lorraine Kelly has revealed that she does not even know if your character will appear in the recently announced follow-up, which is scheduled for 2017.

“I’m not sure if I’ll be in it but it is fantastic, has great writers and directors … it will be good,” said Lorena.

“I feel very lucky. My family and I have worked hard and I feel very grateful.

“I love Netflix and I’m all for show.

“I am very happy for the writers and directors and the other mold.”

Speaking about the whirlwind success of Netflix drama, Millie said: “It was very overwhelming and very amazing – I have met many people, but I could not have done it without my family pack and risking a lot.”

Lorena asked about his role as Once.

“She has telekinesis – I did not know what it was when I started, it was crazy.

“I did not know it was heroin.”

Speaking about the risks of moving to the US, he said he was “hopeful” will all be worth, before revealing how it stays so grounded.

He said: “My brother still says I’m not a celebrity in the house is very nice to have them keep me humble ..

When asked about the pressure, Millie said: “I am grateful that I have had amazing and met people For me it is art …

“Work, for me, life is a gift.

The child star then said the Emmys was again he felt “nervous” and more than a fan of their peers from the industry.

“That was my first time performing on stage. I very nervous. When I saw David Schwimmer had a panic attack and was really dazzled.

Another revelation came when Millie revealed that before their education begins at home, she gets her dose of ITV daytime shows.

“What you have time, I look this morning and Loose Women”.

The actress then showed that it was a real fan of the series after letting out a sharp “is Lorena”.

Entertainment Editor United States also appeared to say how amazing Millie is doing in the US ..

“She loves everyone,” said Ross King, through a live link from Los Angeles. “The truth is that she’s 47!”

* Lorena airs weekdays from 8.30 on ITV

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