Emma Stone and Maya Rudolph Perform Robyn’s ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ With Butter Tubs

Emma Stone and Maya Rudolph Perform Robyn's 'Call Your Girlfriend' With Butter Tubs

The two performed the song during the season finale of “Maya and Marty” on Tuesday night. The cover was done in the style of Anna Kendrick’s song “Cups,” which featured plastic cups.

Anna Kendrick may have helped popularize a cappella versions of songs accompanied by cups when she turned the Carter Family’s “When I’m Gone” into the chart-topping hit “Cups” in Pitch Perfect, but Emma Stone and Maya Rudolph may have perfected the art form.

In the season finale of Maya & Marty, Rudolph and Stone performed an …ahem, pitch perfect cover of Robyn’s dance party anthem “Call Your Girlfriend” accompanied by empty butter tubs. The two stars performed the song barefoot on stage, just two women and their butter tubs.

In the video, Rudolph explains that she has been practicing the song ever since she first saw this YouTube video of Swedish band Erato performing the song. Their take on the track went viral about five years ago (an eternity in Internet years) but will undoubtedly find renewed interest thanks to Rudolph’s and Stone’s impressive tribute.

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