Eastenders Review: The Wedding of the year

EASTENDERS fans were left less than impressed on Friday night after Whitney Dean and Lee Carter’s wedding went off without a hitch.

Despite there being little drama in the BBC soap opera, the evening was overshadowed by Lee’s dwindling mental health as his depression threatened to ruin his big day.

While the rest of the family around him celebrated, Lee struggled to find his words at the alter – and then again during the reception when he was supposed to praise his now wife.

The episode ended with Whitney falling asleep next to her husband, without consummating the marriage, under the belief that he had fallen asleep.

Lee was then seen wide awake and silently crying.

Viewers were split over the decision to make the episode a drama free one – with some finding the episode sad, while others found the episode boring due to the lack of conflict that usually comes with a Walford wedding.

Venting their frustrations on Twitter, one wrote: “more excitment at a dentist then sitting through Whitney/Lee’s wedding a lot more painfull best part was bin men turn up#eastenders”

Another added: “It was a fitting way to finish the worst wedding in #EastEnders history: someone just lying there not doing anything”

A third agreed and said: “Boring wedding for a boring couple…guess it’s about to get better?! #EastEnders”

However, some found humour in one thing – after the long-running bin debacle of the Square reached a dramatic conclusion with them finally being picked up after months of complaints.

One sarcastic comment read: “Nice to know they haven’t forgotten the big storyline of bins #Eastenders”

Another added: “The bins! Finally the storyline pay-off we’ve all been waiting for….erm. Thrilling? #EastEnders”

Someone else took a swing at the odd storyline and added: “Lmao trust the bins to make an appearance in this story line haha #eastenders”

The Carters were left unamused however as the giant truck threatened to destroy their wedding videos.

Swati Sharma

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