Demi Lovato Unleashes to Twitter With Rant Over Celebrity Culture

Demi Lovato Unleashes to Twitter With Rant Over Celebrity Culture“I bet our country knows more about celebrities than they know about what’s happening over seas or global warming,” Demi Lovato said in a series of tweets commenting on excessive attention to celebrities.

After quitting and re-joining Twitter on the premise of “coming back more honest than ever,” Demi Lovato is biting the hand that feeds her, and oh what a tasty hand it is.

At the State Dinner! I love this ????

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The 23-year-old celebrity went on a little rant about celebrity culture on Twitter. It was almost philosophical and largely truthful.

Yes, agreed.

Overseas: depressing reality, as occurs everywhere in different ways. Global warming: bad.

Rumor is that magazine sales aren’t doing too great these days.

Sometimes that news is about pressing politic issues like Brexit or Syria. Sometimes that news is about famous people who are successfully aiding society’s negative body image. Then sometimes it’s about who Biffy’s boffing today.

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