Chaka Khan Share #dubchallenge Photos on Instagram

Chaka Khan Share #dubchallenge Photos on Instagram

A couple of days ago, the #dubchallenge took over social media. Many people were sharing photos of themselves from the past, compared to their present day self. They all paled in comparison to Chaka Khan and her #dubchallenge photo.

Chaka Khan was among the successful stars in the 1980s. Her success continued and it led to her becoming a legend. Currently, Chaka Khan is living in icon status and she has extended her career, now in the midst of a comeback via social media.

After social media fell in love with Chaka Khan and her body, saying she can still get it. Forever humble, Chaka Khan would return to her social media to show herself when she gained weight and wasn’t as attractive. Although she worked hard for her current body, her message to people was for people to love themselves no matter what.

  • Apul_MadeeqAoud

    I have loved Chaka since “Tell Me Something Good”. RB queen forever as far as I’m concerned.

    • Get Real

      I totally agree! I actually think she’s much more beautiful now! I could care less about the weight. The woman is still amazing and I’ve loved her for so long. She will always be gorgeous in my eyes. Chaka, don’t ever let anyone ever tell you that you aren’t beautiful because you are – inside and out!

  • Tahtahme

    Just one of those eternally queening souls! I hope I age as gracefully both in body AND spirit!