Breaking: Angelina Jolie Dead, Says Goodbye To Brad Pitt In Suicide Video

Breaking: Angelina Jolie Dead, Says Goodbye To Brad Pitt In Suicide VideoAngelina Jolie has been making headlines over the past several months. A new report has alleged that she actually bid goodbye to Brad Pitt via a suicide video.

What could have pushed her to end her life? Is she no longer happy with how her relationship with her husband is going? Perhaps, these could be some of the many questions that her fans asked about when the rumor broke.

As narrated by Snopes, the “malicious message” was started on Facebook by the same site. It was the same site that spread the allegation that Jaden Smith committed suicide.

“CNN Video Footage: Angelina Jolie Says Goodbye to Her Fans and to Brad Pitt Before Doing This Suicidal,” the supposed suicide clip read to lure internet users.

Considering that the supposed suicide video came from CNN, a highly-reliable news site, anyone would really be enticed to check the link. However, once clicked, the reader will be redirected to an app that asks for permission to post on his or her behalf.

While the person gets so eager to watch the video of Angelina Jolie, Snopes noted that “There’s no CNN video of Jolie saying goodbye to her fans or Brad Pitt ‘before doing this suicidal,’ and no factual news story about her death.”

In short, the Angeline Jolie dead story is clearly a hoax.

On the other hand, Aussie Network News reported that the 41-year-old “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” actress was jealous of her better half’s leading lady in “Allied.” Accordingly, she did not feel good about the closeness of her husband and Marion Cottilard.

With her jealousy, will her present romance with her “Mr. & Mrs.” co-star eventually end up in divorce? Does it have something to do with the death hoax? For quite a while now, speculations about the relationship of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been making headlines.

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