Blac Chyna Publicly Accuse Tyga on Social Media

Blac Chyna Publicly Accuse Tyga on Social Media

She’s never been one to hold her tongue.

And Blac Chyna let rip in spectacular fashion at her former fiance Tyga as she accused him of not paying child support.

Taking to Snapchat on Wednesday, the former stripper, 28, went on a lengthy foul-mouthed rant in which she challenged her ex – who she shares son King Cairo, 4, with – to come to her salon and face her.

Chyna also shares four-month-old daughter Dream with Rob Kardashian, who she split with last month.

She began dating Tyga in November 2011, and they welcomed son King ten months later before splitting in 2014.

Tyga is currently dating Kylie Jenner – the sister of her ex Rob Kardashian – and Chyna was sure to target both stars in her expletive-riddled rant.

In a series of blank snapchats filled with just text, she wrote: ‘It’s funny now to me !!! But when Tyga and side n***a kicked me out !!! And they wanted to see me fail ! lol…

‘And 2 grind from the dirt !!!!! No child support! N**** is like h**s ! So imma treat u like that ! Not paying Jenny ! Wow…

‘Stop running to ur money ! Telling my business about King ! I bet any money ! I got more money then ur account Tyga , Michael ! !!! [sic]’.

She continued: ‘So go tell Kylie , and Rob! About our son Account ! Cause that’s the only reason I’m contacting ur f*g a*s ! But u wanna make it like I want u lol !

‘Tyga ur a b**** ! And u can go get ur mom , or ur b**** ! Lol ! !!!! Or ur n**** u f**** ,,, or Terrell, or heather !’

The reality starlet also sent out the address of her Lashed salon in California and said she would be ‘on wait’.

MailOnline have contacted Tyga’s representatives for comment.

Her rant came after she admitted she didn’t want any ‘negative energy’ with her ex.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan South Africa this month, she explained: ‘It’s important to me and Tyga not to have negative energy…Kids breathe energy.’

She added: ‘You have to learn to forgive and forget. Many people don’t like to forgive others. Even if someone does something awful to you, you need to forgive them to be able to move on with your life.’

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