Beyoncé’s Dancer Gets Engaged During ‘Single Ladies’ Performance

Beyoncé's Dancer Gets Engaged During 'Single Ladies' PerformanceBeyoncé helped facilitate a marriage proposal during the stop of San Luis de formation World Tour.

For “Single Ladies (Put a ring on it),” Artist choreographer and creative director of the tour asked John Silver dance captain Ashley Everett marry him.

Beyoncé got through most affected before stopping performance ask the audience who wants to go on stage with her. He teased his fans for a bit before inviting out of silver, to the surprise of Everett. Silver, a native of St. Louis, spoke about his roots in the city.

Beyoncé the show stopped in the middle of “Single Ladies” to scan the audience and find a “voluntary” lucky to go on stage. However, the audience member was picked almost at random.

Beyoncé invites the boyfriend of one of her dancers, Ashley Everett, on stage so he could give a speech about how much he loved his GF – and then obviously getting down on one knee about it.

“She’s my queen, so I feel it’s fair to leave here in my hometown,” Silver said before dropping to one knee. Everett quickly said yes before the couple kissed and celebrate with Beyoncé and the rest of the dancers.

Everett fiance, John Silver, is a native of San Luis, and the couple even announced their commitment to a few thousand witnesses to his hometown. More importantly, they committed under the gaze of Queen Bey, whose blessing is almost the highest honor that a couple can receive.

After Plata to the left, they went back on the interpretation of the song, with Everett dancing and showing off her new ring.

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