Ballerinas Hate Kendall Jenner Vogue España Video

Ballerinas Hate Kendall Jenner Vogue España VideoKendall Jenner is many things: a reckless driver; goth excellent; one carbophobe. What is not – as evidence video can attest – it is a good dancer. However, a recent session for Vogue Spain chosen to dress the model in a variety of costumes and ballet adjacent to film her sashaying around a dance studio. And when the world learned ballet video, I was not happy.

“I had to grow up pretty fast, I love being a child – running like a child just do not care,” Jenner says in the video. “I’ve always been adventurous, so I like to do stuff like that – I do not know, just stupid things I love walking around, being able to be free.”.

“The video is apparently a kind of fantasy girl dancer-dad,” writes a blogger Spirit Dance. “What, very well However, to our eyes, the whole thing says enough disrespect for the artists who dedicate their lives to this office demanding”.

Others have it spoken in support of Jenner and Vogue – Allison DeBona, a first soloist with Ballet West, wrote in a Facebook message that Jenner is “a beautiful young woman whose job is to do what it is asked to do.”

And Vogue has historically been very good about hiring real dancers outbreaks; the magazine has appeared ABT Misty Copeland and male dancers such as Rudolf Nureyev and David Hallberg, and Teen Vogue dedicated a series of videos of dancers at the Miami City Ballet School.

But if you think Vogue Spain shabby for having Jenner play ballet, one thing is certain: they did not check very well done. Speaking from experience, the ballet is much less about “running” and “do not care” and more about broken nails, blisters, and the pursuit of perfection exhausting.

Swati Sharma

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