Alesha Dixon Finally Reveals The Real Reason She Kept Pregnancy A Secret For So Long

Alesha Dixon Finally Reveals The Real Reason She Kept Pregnancy A Secret For So Long

ALESHA Dixon had the best kept secret pregnancy in showbiz when she was expecting daughter Azura.

Alesha Dixon has opened up about her private life for the first time[Wenn].

The Britian’s Got Talent judge not only managed to keep her relationship with partner Azuka a private matter for three years, she also managed to hide the fact she was pregnant.

At the time, the Strictly Come Dancing winner was doing live shows for BGT alongside Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Simon Cowell and managed to not give away she was six months pregnant.

And it seems there was a very important reason Alesha kept these amazing things so quiet, she was scared.

In an honest interview with the Daily Mail Online to promote new TV series Dance Dance Dance, the 38 year old revealed the truth.

The Britiain’s Got Talent judge kept her relationship completely out of the public eye[Wenn]

Alesha said: “I didn’t tell anyone. Well, my partner knew, and my mum. But I didn’t tell anyone else in the family.

“No one at Britain’s Got Talent knew – although they must have suspected because my dresses had to be altered every week. And my boobs got huge!

“Everyone must have thought I’d had a boob job. I kept it a secret until I was six months pregnant.”

In reference to her past relationship with husband MC Harvey, who publicly cheated on her with Javine Hylton, Alesha admitted she would never make her personal life so public again.

The 38 year old was six months pregnant before she announced the news[Alesha Dixon/Instagram]

“When that’s happened, you don’t want to be seen with the next person a month later. I wanted time to build a foundation, for it to be a relationship that would be taken seriously,” Alesha wisely said.

“He’s a good person. I’m honestly not cynical about relationships. You can’t tar all men with the same brush, and, well, you trust someone until they give you a reason not to.”

Now, happily sharing the precious moments with her fans on social media, the former rapper and singer is debating on baby number two.

Admitting she’s not sure about expanding her family, Alesha says there are days when adorable daughter Azura is enough and others when she thinks two children can “totally work”.

Alesha Dixon is battling with the idea of having another baby[Alesha Dixon/Instagram]

However, she admits being 38 has definitely caused a dilemma as she labels it the “curse of being a woman”.

Alesha added: “The idea of having another baby is beautiful, of course it is, and it’s probably easier to squeeze another one in in this industry because I can control my own diary, to a certain extent.

“So if I decided I wanted another one then I could make it work, but actually I’m so busy just working and finding time with Azura.”

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